We provide comprehensive international shipping services, functioning as an extended operations team for FMCG companies.

Our services enable access to reliable overseas suppliers, manufacturing partners, and distribution channels across Africa and beyond.

We handle planning, coordination and execution for the end-to-end movement of goods and services to and from Nigeria.

Product Planning

We conduct in-depth market research and analysis to identify consumer usage patterns, cultural trends, seasonal needs and opportunity gaps for your products and services.

This insight allows the company to innovate and develop new services or technologies that address emerging challenges, giving them a competitive edge.

We also recommend targeted offerings that are specifically designed to address the pain points and requirements of different client segments

Supplier Management

For FMCG companies, having reliable, high-quality suppliers is essential to maintaining efficient and resilient supply chains.

We thoroughly vet and onboard suppliers across ingredients, packaging, raw materials, equipment, and other purchase categories.
Once suppliers are onboarded, the company continues to monitor their performance. This includes regular assessments of quality, delivery timelines, and adherence to contractual agreements.

Freight Consolidation

We handle all aspects of documentation, cargo handling, customs clearance and Last mile delivery as one seamless consolidated shipment on behalf of our FMCG partners.

By aggregating shipments across multiple FMCG customers, we are able to offer shared container services at much lower rates.

Beyond cost savings from economies of scale, consolidating freight allows us to optimize transportation efficiency.


We collaborate closely with FMCG businesses during the product planning phase. By aligning distribution strategies with product characteristics, demand patterns, and market requirements, the company ensures that the entire supply chain is optimized for the efficient flow of goods.
We establish and manage dynamic distribution channels that cater to the specific needs of FMCG products.

By strategic distribution planning, we help FMCG businesses identify and tap into new markets and regions, ensuring that the distribution network aligns with the expansion goals of its clients.

As a result of the effective product planning, they would reach a wider audience and make their products accessible to consumers in different locations thereby reducing the time duration from source to destination.


Our team handles all aspects of day-to-day warehouse operations including inventory tracking, order processing and consolidation, quality checks and secure storage compliant.

We optimize these processes, ensuring timely fulfillment of orders, reducing order errors, and consolidating shipments for cost-effectiveness.
By leveraging our warehousing expertise, FMCG companies can rapidly expand their market reach without the burden of establishing and managing new warehouses.

Agro Commodity Sourcing

We help our clients ensure a reliable and consistent supply of raw materials for FMCG companies by establishing strong relationships with farmers, growers, and suppliers.

Agro commodity sourcing serves as a solution for FMCG companies, ensuring a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective supply of raw materials. By implementing effective sourcing strategies, FMCG companies can enhance product quality, support innovation, and address consumer preferences, ultimately contributing to their overall success in the competitive market.